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Wind Power

Generating wind power for commercial and agricultural properties.

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Renewable Wind Power Energy

Wind power offers a great energy opportunity for commercial and agricultural properties to further increase their renewable energy efforts. With ONE’s expertise, commercial and rural property owners can enjoy 100% renewable wind energy every day of the week.

Commercial Wind Power

Commercial wind turbines are a popular space for energy innovators today. Currently, wind turbines can be installed on properties over 1 acre in size. ONE can help advise and aid in driving efficient wind power for your commercial property.
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Wind Turbines on Farms

Wind energy generation on farms is rising throughout Australia. Farmers are able to purchase second hand turbines with the potential of generating 500kw per turbine. ONE wants to spearhead the development of wind generation for farmers throughout WA.

There are numerous benefits to installing wind power turbines on farms:

    1. Completely renewable
    2. Complimentary to solar power
    3. Cheap
    4. Very quiet

ONE can work with you in getting wind power approval and sourcing turbines for your farming property.

Wind Power in Australia

A Viable Solution

The use of wind power continues to increase in WA, mainly through large windfarms with high-capacity factors. ONE sees an opportunity to combine smaller wind turbines (2-5MW) with solar PV assets on-site, behind-the-meter, including for agriculture and industrial uses. Wind and solar are complementary in WA as wind power electrical output generally ramps up as solar farms are ramping down, in the afternoon and evening.

ONE wants to deploy wind more frequently at a small scale, like it is done throughout Europe. We believe that it is necessary if Australia is to shift away from reliance on fossil fuels for power production, as the sun only shines for half the day.

Wind generates 7.1 per cent of Australia's nation’s total electricity demand.

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