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Utilising the Benefits of Renewable Energy for Your Business

More and more businesses are turning to renewable energy sources to power their operations in an effort to reduce costs and become more competitive. In Australia, 24 per cent of the country’s total electricity generated last year came from renewable sources like solar, wind, and hydro. Businesses that adopt renewable energy can reduce their power bills and gain a competitive advantage.

The Australian government has set a goal for 2030 of having renewable energy make up a certain percentage of the country’s energy usage. To incentivise people to install solar panels and other renewable energy sources, the government offers a subsidy that decreases each year. This means that the sooner people act, the more money they will save. 

There are many ways to finance your sustainable business endeavours, including government subsidies and asset finance options from a particular lender and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. With so many options available, now is a great time to make sustainability a priority for your business.

Saving Money on Utility Bills

Solar power is an excellent option for those who want to save money on their electricity bill. To get the most benefit from a solar system, it is vital to use it to offset your peak power usage. This means that solar power will be a good option if you use most of your electricity during the daytime when the sun is out.

Solar panels have an upfront cost, but they also have a long lifespan, so you save money in the long run. Additionally, batteries are becoming more affordable and can provide backup power or help offset your electricity consumption during off-hours. There are online solar calculators available that can help you estimate your savings.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

More and more businesses are being asked to show that they are reducing their carbon emissions. For many companies, electricity consumption makes up the biggest part of their carbon footprint. Installing renewable power, such as solar, can help businesses lower their environmental impact significantly. Utilising this as part of your business marketing can show potential clients that your company is taking active steps to reduce its environmental impact.

If you’re limited on roof space, there are other options for you to explore. You can buy green power from your electricity suppliers, for example. If you’re renting and your landlord isn’t interested in installing solar panels, this is another possibility. Even though you might not be able to lower your power bills, you can still market your use of green power and minimise your

environmental impact.

The CEFC is a government organisation that provides financing for clean energy projects in Australia. This includes things like solar panels, electric vehicles, and battery storage. They work with financial institutions to ensure these projects get the funding they need.


Clearly, renewable energy is a great option for businesses. Not only is it good for the environment, but it can also save companies money in the long run. There are many different types of renewable energy, so businesses should research which type would be best for them. Solar, wind, and hydropower are all great options that enterprises should consider.

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