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Solar energy solutions for businesses across Western Australia.

Solar PPA's

 A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term agreement that allows your business to get the benefits of clean, sustainable, cheaper energy without the upfront capital expenditure required for a whole solar system.

Over the duration of the agreement, ONE funds, installs, monitors, and maintains the entire solar system on your roof. We then sell the power back to you at a predetermined fix rate. 

We fund solar installations with ethically sourced Australian capital and provide renewable electricity to businesses across the country.

Our products allow businesses to implement solar for zero up-front cost and achieve energy savings from day one. Furthermore, we eliminate the cost and risk of ownership and maintenance of solar PV assets.

What are the benefits to your business?

  • No upfront costs. ONE supplies and manages the entire solar system.
  • Saves you money immediately. Your business starts saving on day 1 of operation.
  • Your business receives a guaranteed discount on electricity compared to your retailer.
  • ONE manages, monitors and maintains the entire system at no cost to you.
  • Green, sustainable energy: Reduced carbon emissions and benefits for your brand.
  • Ownership of the system transfers to the owner at the end of the agreement.

How it works.


Landlords or owners license their roof space or land to One Juice Energy.


ONE installs a Solar PV system at zero upfront cost. This is installed usually on the roof of the premises.


The renewable energy that is generated from the system is then sold directly to your business at a fixed rate.


Low price of solar power offsets grid prices. Reduction in carbon emissions and powered by clean energy.


ONE owns, monitors and maintains the PV system at no cost to your business. It ensure the system is operational for the duration of the PPA agreement.


We offer flexible landlord solutions to ensure you can solarise all your operations and multiple properties.

Some of our PPA Offers

Grid Connected Solar

Grid Connected Solar & Battery

Off-grid Solar & Battery