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Helping Australian farmers optimise their farm irrigation through smart systems. 

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Farm Irrigation with ONE

One New Energy wants to assist businesses in the agriculture sector to move away from reliance on diesel generators and on-peak grid power. ONE can do this via coupling electric pumps with renewable energy sources. We are a supplier of Franklin Electric pumps, one of Australia’s leading high-quality solar pump producers.

Solar Farm Pumps

A New Way to Irrigate Your Crops

Solar Farm pumps provide farmers with a great opportunity to get powered irrigation to land that may not be serviced by grid power. A solar pump can be set up at a strategic location to get the most of the suns energy rays, whilst powering irrigation to pockets of land that would otherwise be left dry.

The pumps ONE sources are commercial grade and have the capability to power large watering pumps.

Smart Irrigation over agriculture

Smart Irrigation

ONE has also partnered with an industry leading smart-irrigation controller company. Their Smart Box is empowering customers to maximise the use of on-site renewable energy, reducing power cost’s by irrigating when power is cheapest. Their system integrates AEMO data, retail data, IoT instruments, network provider data, historical data and their own applications to ensure farmers use the cheapest power available to them in the most efficient way.

ONE is eager to partner with the agriculture industry to roll out the use of the Smart Box system in the South West Interconnected System. We believe it is a game changer for farmers that will empower them to become energy experts.

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Lowering Energy Rates for Farmers

Strategic Agricultural Partnerships

Agricultural water supply’s take up a large portion of global water consumption. As a result, this also leads to high energy costs for farmers. ONE seeks to lower this energy consumption by implementing smart irrigation controllers and solar pumps across Australia.

70% of all Freshwater Withdrawals

Average of agricultrual water use globally

Source: WorldBank