One New Energy

Energy Storage Solutions

Battery Energy Storage System solutions for Western Australian companies.

Why Batteries?

Renewable energy technologies have come a long way, but they still have their limitations. The sun isn’t always shining, and the wind isn’t always blowing. The solution for this? Storage technologies, otherwise known as batteries or BESS units. 

ONE design, fund, install and manage both grid-connected, and off-grid, solar and battery energy storage systems for our clients, allowing them to access their locally produced clean energy at all hours of the day. 

For our industrial and commercial clients, this means excess energy is able to be stored, they can increase their savings and reduce their grid consumption further. For our rural and agricultural clients, this means reliable energy and moving away from diesel powered generators.

Our Solutions

When you choose to pay upfront for your solar and battery storage system, you also choose to pay for the ongoing costs: Insurance, monitoring, maintenance, repair and replacement of system components. With our solar and battery model, referred to as JESS, you don’t pay any upfront or ongoing costs. It’s all covered in one fixed monthly subscription fee.

• No Up Front Costs
• No Ongoing Maintenance or Insurance Costs
• No Battery Replacement Costs
• Systems Upgrades if you need more power
• Own the Asset for $1 at the end of term

Off-Grid Solutions for Agriculture

Western Australian farmers have been facing similar issues across the state. Due to grid limitations stopping farmers accessing power, we are seeing them having to rely heavily on expensive diesel-powered generators to ensure they have reliable power. 

Our off-grid JESS model is a solution specifically for agricultural industry here in Western Australia, designed to support irrigation pumping, milking and early morning energy needs.

A solar system, microgrid and battery solution allows our clients to rid themselves of diesel, save money, have a reliable energy source and do so sustainably.