One New Energy

Generating and Storing
New Energy

ONE is developing and maintaining new energy infrastructure for the next innovative smart cities.

One New Energy (ONE) are a W.A. owned and operated renewable energy partner committed to revolutionising the way companies harness and utilise clean energy to offset their carbon usage.  

After partnering with green bank, Juice Capital, ONE is now able to deliver Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) alongside their decarbonisation consultancy, ESA’s and EV charging solutions.

With the goal of accessible sustainability in mind, ONE focuses predominantly on providing these solutions to small-to-medium enterprises, making the price of entry to our solutions achievable to these businesses and maximising their long-term results.

We have experience in helping businesses across the following industries:

– Agriculture
– Heavy Industry and Manufacturing
– Mobile Plant Maintenance & Repairs
– FMCG (Food Processing)
– Hospitality (Hotels, clubs, cafes and restaurants)
– Cold storage facilities
– Independent Supermarkets

And many more.

Our Story

Together, One & One Juice Energy are an energy company with a difference. Our mission is for all our customers and partners to achieve “Net Zero” Carbon Emissions and reduce our impact on climate change.

SME, Commercial & Industrial Customers

Power Purchase Agreements

In Our Australia-wide Commercial Network

Solar PPA’s

 A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term agreement that allows your business to get the benefits of clean, sustainable, cheaper energy without the upfront capital expenditure required for a whole solar system.

Over the duration of the agreement, ONE funds, installs, monitors, and maintains the entire solar system on your roof. We then sell the power back to you at a predetermined fix rate.


Battery Energy Storage

ONE design, fund, install and manage both grid-connected, and off-grid, solar and battery energy storage systems for our clients, allowing them to access their locally produced clean energy at all hours of the day. 

For our industrial and commercial clients, this means excess energy is able to be stored, they can increase their savings and reduce their grid consumption further. For our rural and agricultural clients, this means reliable energy and moving away from diesel powered generators.

Net Zero Consulting

– Greenhouse Gas Reporting: We can help calculate carbon emissions compliant with Australian or International standards for your business operations and generate reports for stakeholders.

– Decarbonisation Strategies: We can work with your organisation to set targets and determine a strategy that meets your climate and sustainability goals.

– Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification: If you are seeking Carbon Neutral certification for an individual product or organisation-wide, we can guide you through the process using the Australian Government Climate Active standard.

– Carbon Credits: We can advise on buying carbon credits as offsets or generating income through projects that generate credits.